Iowa Cost Share Programs

The Iowa Financial Incentive Program (IFIP) fund allocations are made to soil and water conservation districts whose commissioners set priorities for their use, and field office staff assure the technical quality of practices built. These practices are subject to maintenance agreements. State cost share can be used for temporary or permanent practices.

The Water Quality Initiative (WQI) program provides assistance for nutrient reduction strategy and development projects in urban and rural settings.

The State Revolving Loan Fund is a new source of low-cost financing available to landowners. This opportunity is available specifically to assist and encourage landowners to address non-point source pollution of Iowa streams and lakes.

The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund provides financial incentives directly to farmers who transition to on-farm conservation practices that yield positive environmental outcomes like carbon sequestration and water quality improvement. They provide new market opportunities and revenue streams for farmers by selling these environmental outcomes to the public and private beneficiaries that benefit from them.