What Can I Do?

Everyone contributes to the water quality in Scott County streams, rivers, and lakes. Below are tips for being part of the solution to pollution!

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Pick Up After Pets

Pick up after pets in your yard and when at parks and other public areas.  Pet waste washes off the land into storm drains, polluting local streams, lakes, and rivers.  Pet waste is a contributor to high levels of bacteria in Duck Creek.  This can be a human health concern when people play and recreate in a polluted creek.

Maintain and Update Septic Systems

A septic system that is out of date, malfunctioning, or in need of maintenance can deposit human waste into our streams, lakes, and rivers.  For detailed information on updating, repairing, or maintaining your septic system, click on the link below from the Scott County Health Department:



Properly Dispose of Yard Waste

Dumping yard waste in ravines or streams causes water quality problems.  The excess nutrients in yard waste pollutes our waterways and competes with aquatic life for dissolved oxygen.  Participate in your community’s yard waste program and purchase bags and stickers for pick up, or start a compost pile and turn your yard waste and kitchen remains into rich organic matter for your garden.

Properly Dispose of Prescription Medication

Don’t flush prescription medications down the toilet.  The United States Geological Survey found 80% of watersheds sampled nationally contained at least one type of pharmaceutical chemical, with half of streams containing seven or more!  Many Pharmacies will take unwanted prescription medications.  Residents of Scott County can dispose of pharmaceuticals at the Scott County Landfill or the Scott County Area Recycling Center, Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm.   For detailed information, click on the link below from the Waste Commission of Scott County:


Only Rain Down The Drain

Paints and other household cleaners and chemicals disposed in storm drains flow directly into local waterways. Residents of Scott County can dispose of oils, paints, household cleaners, and other hazardous materials at the Scott County Landfill or the Scott County Recycling Center FREE OF CHARGE by appointment.  Residents can call 563-381-1300 to make an appointment.

Watershed Friendly Lawn Care

A large percentage of the chemicals applied to lawns, landscapes, and gardens end up in our waterways.  Try alternative methods such as compost or organic treatments.  Implement native lawns and landscapes that do not require chemicals.  Read labels to ensure proper application, apply sparingly, and avoid areas near waterways.


No matter where you live, you can actively contribute to healthier watersheds!  Click the links below to learn more:

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