Free WQ Monitoring and Technical Guidance from PSCW!

Thanks to the generosity of the Iowa Corn Growers Association, PSCW has an extra supply of nitrate/nitrite test strips. We are offering these test strips to citizens and businesses of Scott County in two ways: a) A PSCW representative can come to your property and conduct a one-time free water quality assessment using the nitrate/nitrite strips

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GoFundMe Campaign

We are searching for funds to continue running our Snapshot volunteer water quality monitoring events to their full potential! This includes purchasing enough materials for 10-15 monitoring kits and costs for lab analysis. We appreciate your support!

NEW Snapshot Data Maps!

PSCW is proud to announce that we now have interactive maps showcasing our water quality data over the last 20 years! You can now explore the watershed that you live in and learn which Snapshot sites that we test every year near you. Click here to check them out!

Why Monitor Water Quality?

“Monitoring provides the objective evidence necessary to make sound decisions on managing water quality today and in the future. Water-quality monitoring is used to alert us to current, ongoing, and emerging problems, to determine compliance with drinking water standards, and to protect other beneficial uses of water. Assessments based on monitoring data help law makers

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What are Local Water Quality Standards?

You can learn about Iowa’s water quality standards regulations at the links below: