May’s Forum

Did you miss Brian Burkholder’s presentation on the IVRM program? You have another chance to attend on Thursday, May 23 at the First Presbyterian Church in LeClaire (200 S 12th St., LeClaire, IA) from 5:00-6:00pm. RSVP to Cassie at

Davenport’s Backyard Conservation Workshop Series

Register here. All workshops are held at the Davenport Public Works Center located at 1200 E 46th Street. Native and Pollinator Friendly Trees and Shrubs – 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Thursday, May 23rd This workshop covers trees and shrubs native to our area. Proper planting and maintenance will also be covered. Soil Quality Restoration –

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5 Wetland Services for Your Operation and Beyond

Wetlands are among the most productive systems in the world. They filter nutrients, reduce flood risks, store carbon, provide critical habitat for wildlife, and contribute to the local economy. You can read more about how here.

Digging Deep for Cover Crop Solutions

Meet Cameron and Natalie Andelin, a farming couple who chanced growing their operation amidst a sprawling urban environment on the outskirts of Reno, Nevada. They met that challenge and exceeded it, turning their 100-acre farm into a true gem in the community where they’re currently testing a cover crop mix to improve soil health. Read

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April 21-27 is National Laboratory Week

Environmental laboratories play an important part in protecting our public health and the environment. Learn more here: Labs near and far play an important role in our Snapshot Events! Don’t forget to register for the Spring Snapshot, scheduled for Tuesday, May 7!