Our Mission:

To improve the stewardship of Scott County watersheds through education, technical guidance, and volunteer opportunities.



In 1990, 1993 & 1995 severe flooding occurred on Scott County urban streams. This flooding was a result of the conventional methods being used to deal with stormwater. These events and concerns with water quality in Scott County streams led to the formation of the Partners of Scott County Watersheds, an alliance committed to developing and implementing ways all citizens can be better stewards of our watersheds.

Since 2003, the group has been improving water quality in Scott County by providing residents, landowners, developers, environmental organizations, educators, and government officials with education, technical support, and financial assistance to promote and install best management practices.


Coordinator: Cassie Druhl, PSCW, Nahant Marsh

Chair of the Board: Amy Kay, Clean Water Manager, City of Davenport

Vice Chair of the Board: Steve Gustafson, Resident, Bettendorf

Secretary: Marion Meginnis, Alderman, City of Davenport

Treasurer: Brian Wessel, City of Eldridge

Board Member: Jerry Mohr, Iowa Corn Growers Association, City of Eldridge

Board Member: Brinson Kinzer, Scott County Board of Supervisors

Board Member: Tim Huey, Scott County Planning & Development

Board Member: Brian Schmidt, City of Bettendorf

Board Member: Ed Kocal, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Retired

Board Member: Brian Ritter, Executive Director, Nahant Marsh

Emeritus Board Member: Jim Hoepner, Resident, Davenport

Board Member:

Board Member:

Board Member: